25mm Turf

Gani Carpets offer excellent quality exterior products. You get to choose from the best quality artificial grass, Turf, outdoor carpets, and many more. Our 25mm turf is one of the most famous item. We have the best quality products available at Gani Carpets. These 25mm turf are made from the best quality materials. We offer quality materials at low cost. Our products available at Gani Carpets is great in quality.

These turf are very good replacement for natural grass. They are available in all kinds of sizes, materials etc. Sizes that are available for turf are 10mm turf, 25mm turf, 15mm turf, and many more. These turf are made from the finest quality of materials. They do not require water for maintenance. They are dust free. Great for kid’s ground and other areas.



Our experts will inspect your place before suggesting the best turf. Our person will visit you any time as per your convenience. These turf feels great while walking on it. Their hardly any difference if you see with a naked eye. Great finishing and made from different materials.

Shop for all kinds of artificial grass available at Gani Carpets. Browse through our great collection of products. Both interior and exterior products at low cost. Our team of expertise will suggest you for the best matched product according to your interior melody. Our team is highly experience in their work. Get interior and exterior decoration ideas from experts.

Our services are best. Get door step services available. Our team will provide fast installation services. Before installing the actual we provide a demo session for our customer with sample product. If any changes required we will make sure it’s done according to your requirements. We do provide customized products according to customer’s requirements.