Outdoor Carpets

  • People choose to cover their floors in carpet not just for how it looks, but also for how it feels and reacts to pressure.
  • Enjoying that same feeling of comfort outside can be a real benefit for some people. If you have a porch, patio, or balcony where you spend a lot of time, outdoor carpets could be for you!
  • In the past, outdoor carpets was easily described in two words: uncomfortable and green. Everyone remembers a porch or patio covered in tough, fibrous, dark green turf. Walking on this “carpet” was like taking a stroll on a sea of toothbrush bristles. Today’s outdoor carpets is much more diverse. It comes in many grades, textures, and, yes, even colors.


  • For covering a fully exposed porch or deck, look for outdoor carpets made of polypropylene or olefin.
  • This fiber is resistant to moisture and mildew and can handle the toughest of traffic.
  • While it is not as plushy as indoor outdoor carpets, it still provides a greater degree of comfort than wood or concrete.
  • It protects bare feet from splinters and protects glass from shattering. It also is very low maintenance.

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