We have Turf available in different heights 10melli meters, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 35mm. Artificial turfs is also called artificial Grass and it has many advantages that makes it better than the natural grass:-

1- It doesn’t use water.
2- It doesn’t create odor.
3- It’s Non Infectious
4- Easy to clean by water
We serve clients all across Dubai, UAE.



They come in many different forms that is size, shape and material. We offers all types of turfs. These grass are made from the most nylon or plastic materials that feels soft while walking on it. Main advantage of using these grass are they do not have dust. Do not require water for maintenance. No need to worry about kids as they are not harmful. Does not create smell. Low cost and easy to handle.

If you think we are done then look through our other wide range of products. We have the largest collection of excellent quality products. Our each main category has group of other products which allows our customer to choose from various options. Our products are best in quality and low in cost.

We provide great door step services without any obligation to buy. Our team will provide you fast installation services. Expert’s opinion and ideas regarding interior decoration. Our experts will make sure you choose the correct matching products as per your interior decoration theme.

At Gani Carpets we not only sell interior decorative products. You will find the best under the sun exterior products at Gani Carpets. These turf are best replacement for original grass. These turf are made from the best quality materials. They look exactly same as the natural grass. Artificial grass are very useful and does not require any water for maintenance. These grass carpets are best to place at pool side, backyard, lawn and many more.