Vinyl Carpets

  • Vinyl carpets has ended up more famous now that sheet vinyl alternatives offer both a wood or stone take a gander at plan inviting costs.
  • Advanced vinyl floors from Domain are more jazzy than at any time in the past, have a padding solace layer and may even minimize foot activity clamor levels.
  • Vinyl carpets Dubai surface can accompany an antimicrobial security that disheartens bacterial development, has dampness safe properties, and is low support.
  • This can make vinyl perfect for a kitchen, washroom or another territory inclined to spills and a great deal of foot movement.
  • From exemplary to current, vinyl styles can supplement the inner part theme of any room. Pick vinyl carpets choices and calendar establishment with Gani Carpets.


Why Many Customers Prefer Vinyl Flooring / PVC Flooring?

1-Because it’s extremely Elegant and at very reasonable prices.
2-Because it’s Anti-Bacterial / Anti Allergic.
3- Because it’s Anti-slippery (Like Hard Rubber).
4-Because it’s no spoiled or affected by humidity / water.
5-Because it comes in a huge variety of shapes like Wood,Stones,Ceramic and even Mosaic.

Our PVC Vinyl is capable to support high traffic heavy duty. We have wide variety of designs and new trend vinyl that will give best look for your interior design.

We serve clients all across Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Um Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah.